Course Description

Early childhood educators serve dual clients in their profession – the children they work with every day and the family members they greet each morning and end of day. ECE programs focus the majority of the content covered on meeting the needs of young children, with only a surface look at the issues families may deal with and the strategies to support families. This research looks at the ways that ECEs new to the field interact with families as compared to the comfort level of experienced ECEs.

Contributed by Canadian Child Care Federation

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Benefits of Collaborating With Families

    3. Communication: Bridging The Gap

    4. Exploring Motivations, Skills and Learning Experiences Needed

    5. Methods

    6. Findings

    7. Qualities Of An Effective ECE

    8. Experiences that Develop Skills for Working with Families

    9. Discussion

    10. Implications for Practice

    11. References

    1. Self-Assessment

    2. Course Summary


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