Self-Regulation: An Introduction (webinar format)

taught by Jan Blaxall, MASc (Psych), RECE, AECEO.C

Course description

Professionals who work closely with young children have noted the importance of self-regulation for several decades. However, in the last decade, it has become increasingly clear that self-regulation is an extremely important component of development, learning and socializing. The seeds of self-regulation are sown in the infant-toddler period, but the challenges of self-regulating continue through the school-age period. Self-regulation is a complex topic. This webinar provides an overview and brief introduction to a series of webinars on this topic.  Written modules with the same titles present the material with more detail and references in a self-study format.

Jan Blaxall, MASc (Psych), RECE, AECEO.C
Jan Blaxall, MASc (Psych), RECE, AECEO.C
EYPDC Program Development and Early Years Consultant

Jan has 30 years of teaching Early Childhood Education courses at Fanshawe College, London, Ontario and Conestoga College, Kitchener, Ontario.  While "retired" Jan researches and provides on-line professional learning opportunities for Dominion Learning Institute of Canada and for interactive professional learning and consultation to Early Years professionals. Jan served as a member of Ontario's Expert Panel on an Early Learning Framework, Ministry of Education. She works with the Psychology Foundation of Canada, promoting children's emotional wellness, and is a trainer for their Kids Have Stress Too! programs. Jan has co-authored an ECE textbook, Children at the Centre: Principles of Early Childhood Education in Canada

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