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Evidence is building that current parenting and educational practices may be doing more harm than good, in terms of children's well-being. This module will be covered in two parts. This module discusses research that creates a picture of the current situation for the majority of Canadian children in terms of physical activity. Excerpts from recent annual report cards completed by Active Healthy Kids Canada form the framework for the discussion.

Contributed by Canadian Child Care Federation

Course curriculum

    1. Active Healthy Kids Canada

    2. Psychosocial Outcomes of Physical Activity

    3. Is Active Play Extinct?

    4. Ripping Up the Playground Rulebook

    5. Guidelines for Physical Activity

    6. Highlights from the 2014 Active Healthy Kids Canada

    7. Taking all Risk out of Children's Play - Is this Risky Business?

    8. The Young Child's Intrinsic Need to Move and Explore

    9. Using a "Guided Risk" Approach to Prevent Unsafe Risk

    10. Tips to increase your kids’ physical activity levels

    11. References

    1. Self-Assessment

    2. Module Summary


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