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In earlier modules in the Newcomer Series, settlement is described as a process of transition and the distinctive needs of all those involved in settlement are considered, with a special focus on the needs of the newcomer child. In this module you will have an opportunity to think specifically about the challenges of meeting the needs of newcomer children in group settings such as classrooms and to consider the overall role of the early childhood program or school in the settlement of young immigrants and refugees.

Author, Consultant Judith Colbert, PHD

Judith is a writer, researcher & training specialist. As a Canadian consultant with an international perspective, her goal is to build bridges between research & practice, mainstream & newcomer experiences.Much of her work focuses on care for young immigrants & refugees. She is particularly interested in the development of appropriate standards for the delivery of quality care for newcomer populations & in the relationship between the settlement of young children & their successful transition to kindergarten.

Course curriculum

    1. WELCOME


    3. LEARNING LOG - Newcomer Children in classrooms

    4. HANDOUT

    1. Introduction

    2. Why Focus on Classrooms?

    3. Reflect on Videos

    4. What Is The Role Of Educators / Teachers?

    5. What Is The Role Of Programs / Schools?

    6. What Action Should I Take In My Classroom?

    7. Wrap Up

    1. Self-Assessment

    2. Module Summary


    2. Links to videos

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