Course Description

Kids Have Stress Too! Preschool and Kindergarten Program is a program for educators and caregivers of young children. It was designed by psychologists to explain how children experience stress and provide strategies that children can learn so they can regulate their stress and address the stressors in their lives.

The Psychology Foundation of Canada

The Psychology Foundation of Canada (PFC) is a national registered charity dedicated to supporting parents and strengthening families through a number of initiatives, including creating educational resources, developing training programs for parents and professionals, and delivering community-based programs through diverse partnerships across Canada. Founded in 1974 to promote the understanding and use of research-based psychological knowledge to help people in their daily lives, the Foundation is guided by a volunteer Board of Trustees comprised of psychologists, business and community leaders.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Kids Have Stress Too!

    • Stuart Shanker Foreword to KHST

    • Introduction

    • Stress 101: The Physiology of Stress

    • Levels of Stress

    • Why Focus on Stress in the Early Learning Environment?

    • Common Stressors In Children

    • Signs and Symptoms: Recognizing Stress In Children

    • Indicators of Stress In Children

    • Recognizing Stress: Tips For Educators

    • Relationships Build Resiliency

    • Observation Tool

    • KHST Strategies

    • References

  • 2

    Module Completion

    • Self-Assessment

    • Module Summary

  • 3

    Kids Have Stress Too! Programs

    • Key Concepts

    • The Psychology Foundation of Canada