Course Description

This is a module designed for practicing Early Childhood Educators who desire to review elements of their current practice with the intention of designing, implementing and altering parts of their practice to meet the particular needs of very young children and improving their responsiveness to, and interactions with, babies and toddlers. Your reflection might be on a major scale, or be related to a more minor issue that would be addressed. An integral part of the philosophy must be reflective of culture and family; not only the individual child.

This module is an overview of Reflective practice, and part of a series designed for infant and toddler professionals. The first module is relevant to all age groups as a starting point for the journey of reflective practice.

Professor of ECE, retired Dominion LIC. Contributed by Sue Martin

Course curriculum

    1. Overview

    2. Key Terms of Reflective Practice

    3. Infant Toddler Reflective Practice Journal

    1. Introduction

    2. Reflective Practice -What is it?

    1. The purpose of reflective thinking: an overview

    1. Are you a Reflective Practitioner?

    2. Reflective Activity - Are you a Reflective Practitioner?

    3. Reflective Activity - Are you a Reflective Practitioner? download

    1. When and How Does an ECE Reflect?

    2. Thinking on your Feet

    3. Intentional Reflective Practice

    4. Getting Started

    5. Reflective Activity - Getting Started (download)

    6. Checklists and Tools

    1. Continuing the Process of Reflective Practice

    2. Activity: Strategies for Moving Forward in Reflective Practice

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