Course Description

If Early Childhood Education is to be recognized and accountable as a field that is providing much more than child-minding, intentional reflective practice and quality enhancement are essential.

Module two continues the discussion of the what and how of reflective practice, with a more specific emphasis on infant and toddler settings, We look at sources of content for reflection, including:

  • practice guidelines
  • research

Professor of ECE, retired

Dominion LIC. Contributed by Sue Martin

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Infants and Toddlers – Practice and Research-Based Approaches

  • 2

    Introduction to Practice and Research-based Reflection

  • 3

    Reflecting on Responsibilities in Infant/Toddler Settings

    • Reflecting on Responsibilities in Infant

  • 4

    The Cycle of Reflection and Change

    • The cycle of reflection and change

  • 5

    Reflective Activity: Seeking Answers to Sample questions

    • Reflective Activity sample questions. Download

  • 6

    Using Reflection to Enhance Quality

    • Using Reflection to Enhance Quality

  • 7

    Reflective Activity: Questions on Belonging

    • Using Reflection to Enhance Quality. Download

  • 8

    The Analytic Process Changes How We Think

    • The analytic process and how it can change the way we think

  • 9

    Reflective Activity - Knowledge from Research

    • Reflective Activity Knowledge from Research. Download

  • 10

    Next Steps

    • Next steps

  • 11


    • Key Terms

    • References and Websites


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Tammy Brown

An excellent tool for reflective practice

An excellent tool for reflective practice

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